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Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing by Tony DiDio & Amy Zavatto, with forewords by Daniel Boulud & Jean Le Du (Alpha, Penguin Group) What are the basic rules of wine and food pairing? If “white with fish, red with meat” rolls off your tongue, you’d be ... wrong. There's a lot more to wine and food pairing than memorizing a few simple rules. The true connoisseur knows the subtleties – and in Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing, a wine expert shares his secrets.

Wine expert Tony DiDio, a 25-year veteran of New York City 's food and wine industry, and food writer Amy Zavatto help the reader understand what to pair, no matter what challenging flavors are on the menu. By analyzing sweet, savory, salty, and sour sensations in both wine and food, readers learn how to identify a wine’s individual flavors and how the flavors in any dish bring out the best in the glass. Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing covers

  • What wines accompany which foods – and how to choose
  • Essays, advice, and comments from award-winning chefs
  • Each course – from entree to dessert, from simple meals to exotic favorites
  • Information on wine-making and maps of the world's major wine regions
  • A resource guide to finding the best wine-specialty shops
  • Glossary of wine/food terms and advice on how to "read" wine lists
  • A primer on the complete history of wine
  • Making sense of labels, vintage years, and the best regions 

Along the way, readers are treated to in-depth interviews, advice, and comments from celebrity chefs, winemakers, and sommeliers, including:

  • Winemakers Paul Draper of Ridge Vineyards, Bob Lindquist of Qupé, Bob Sessions of Hanzell, and Bill Clendenen of Au Ban Climat
  • Acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud of Restaurant Daniel
  • Chef Michael Lomonaco, owner of Noche, formerly of Windows on the World
  • Chef Rick Moonen, chef and owner of RM
  • Chef Don Pinfabona of Tribeca Grill
  • Chef Mauro Mafrici of I Trulli
  • Pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini of Jean Georges
  • Sommeliers Jean Luc Le Du of Restaurant Daniel and Charles Scicolone of I Trulli
  • Cheese steward Pascal Vittu of Restaurant Daniel

Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing is a fun book for food and wine lovers and those who love to entertain at home.

Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook by Ronald S. Jackson (A Volume in the Food Science and Technology International Series: Academic Press) is essential for absolutely anybody involved in wine tasting. The book comprehensively covers all practical and theoretical aspects of wine tasting, from the techniques used by professionals to assess wine properties and quality - to the physiological, psychological and physicochemical origins of sensory perception. The author outlines the classification of still table wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines, and explores the vineyard and winery origins of wine quality.

The major proportion of Wine Tasting is devoted to the practical concerns of preparing and performing different types of wine assessments. Data from sensory evaluation studies illustrate tests described in the book.

Wine Tasting should be read by professional tasters, those who train tasters and those involved in designing wine tastings; as well as serious wine connoisseurs who want unbiased information on how to maximize their perception and appreciation of wine.


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