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Argentina Cooks by Shirley Lomax Brooks (Hippocrene Books, Inc.) Argentine cuisine is one of the world's best‑kept culinary secrets and it is decidedly dis­tinct from other Latin American cooking. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Argentine food is also much more than just beef. The country's expansive landscape includes tropical jungles, vast grasslands with sheep and cattle, alpine lakes, and glacier‑studded mountains in the South. As a result, a great variety of foods are available – game, lamb, an incredible assortment of fish and seafood, exotic fruits, and prime quality beef. Argentina Cooks highlights recipes from Argentina 's nine regions, including signature recipes from five‑star Argentine chefs; the author, Shirley Lomax Brooks, a freelance writer and caterer who has traveled extensively in Argentina ; and other talented home chefs.

Inside are sophisticated culinary offerings like Pavita Relleno a la Criolla (Roast Turkey with Persimmon, Sausage, and Jalapeno Stuffing) and Gaspado de Cazador (Game Stew with Wild Rabbit, Partridges, Quail, and Gin), as well as home‑style favorites like Gazpacho de Mesopotamia (Raw Vegetables in Chicken Broth and Fresh Lime Juice). The 190 recipes are all adapted for the North American kitchen, and a section on ingredients and techniques ensures that even novice cooks will produce spectacular results. The author's introduction and commentaries throughout Argentina Cooks offer insight into Argentina 's landscape, history, traditions, and culture. The section on wines outlines the history of the production, pres­ents the different varietals, and suggests pair­ings with recipes from the book.

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