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ISSN 1934-6557

Shunju: New Japanese Cuisine by Takashi Sugimoto, Marcia Iwatate (Periplus Editions) Shunju represents the latest trends in Japanese cuisine. Only the finest seasonally sourced and farm-fresh ingredients are served in the award winning restaurants, which are designed by Japan 's leading restaurant and bar designer, Takashi Sugimoto.

Shunju's menus vary with the seasons and chefs are supplied in-season specialties from selected local farms. Hand-picked farmed and wild vegetables arrive every morning, still wrapped in soil, and the chefs decide the day's specials from the delicacies they receive.

The restaurants' designs are modern, funky, and often quite bizarre. Sugimoto has incorporated such unusual installations as original sidewalk gratings from the London subway and hand­plastered mud walls. In this way, the designs represent the new lifestyle philosophy of Japan's urban culture-in Shunju's interiors, within the chaotic city of design and food, more value should be placed on nature and time, on the textures of genuine materials, the flavor of natural foods.

Stunning photographs, shot on location throughout the four seasons, and modern recipes that are as beautiful in presentation as they are to taste, make Shunju: New Japanese Cuisine a must for both professional chefs and dedicated amateurs.


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