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ISSN 1934-6557

Bittersweet: Recipes and Tales from a Life in Chocolate by Alice Medrich, with photography by Deborah Jones (Artisan)

I have worked with this celestial ingredient [chocolate] all my adult life, participated in its renaissance, and cultivated its transformation from common candy to divine dessert. What happens next with chocolate is connected to what came before, and yet perhaps it is even more exciting, Medrich writes from her Berkeley , California home. This book is my look at the past and a look to the future.

Chances are the candy and baking aisles at the local grocer, once filled with milk chocolate, now offer the darker, European‑style chocolate. These chocolates feature a higher percentage of cocoa bean solids and less sugar, guaranteeing a deep, intense flavor. However, as consumers' tastes evolve and chocolate choices expand, recipes have not. Who better than Alice Medrich, "The First Lady of Chocolate" to take the challenge and guide consumers and home bakers through this brave new world of chocolate in Bittersweet?

Medrich, credited with initiating the chocolate revolution in the 1970s, having tasted her first real truffle in Paris in 1973 and having introduced high‑quality chocolate truffles and desserts at her landmark San Francisco store Cocolat, poured her 30 luscious years of experimenting and perfecting chocolate into this groundbreaking volume. Bittersweet is the culmination of her life in chocolate: new recipes, profound knowledge and charming tales from a life in chocolate. Known for her clear-cut instructions, Medrick cracks the code for using higher percentage chocolates in recipes, providing readers with all the necessary information to use any type of chocolate in her recipes, from Chocolate Cheesecakes to Chestnut Tortes. A “chocolate notes" section follows each recipe allowing busy home cooks to experiment at their own pace.

The reader can select from more than 125 recipes – all foolproof and ideal for any expertise level – and enjoy the pleasure and flavor of today's better chocolates and learn the best recipes from the "Julia Child of chocolate" (Gourmet). Whether it is the Bittersweet Decadence Cookies, Strawberry Celebration Cake, Homemade Truffles or Alice 's Chocolate Sauce, Medrich proves that the proof is in the chocolate.



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